Briantin Tebogo Tefu (Tonix Da Soul) was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He started being into music when he was still 15 years Old and he was inspired by Big Al, Pablo Fierro, Alix Alvarez, Kruse&Nuernberg, Dole&Kom, Edone&Bodden, David Kassi, Goldfish and Tube&Berger. "I used to listen to a lot of music from Off Recordings, Suara, Freerange and more deep tech labels. There are two tracks that made me to start making music, Big Al-Pray for the Living and Kruse&Nuernberg-Drenched.

Tonix Da Soul's music is everywhere around the world as we speak and also not forgetting his remixes (Tonix Da Soul's Spongy Mix).

He now works for best labels around the world, labels like Kolour Recordings, Pure Moment Records, Cablage Records, Dubphonedzie Records and more.

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