Born in Ufa in 1992, moved to Berlin in 2008.

Eleonora found herself in music already in childhood. At the age of six, she went to a classical music school in Ufa, whereshe played piano and guitar as well as sang in choir and learned music theory. After a long time of performances in the genre of Russian ballade music as a solo-singer as well as in different small ensembles, she moved to Berlin, where she started her new wave of music.

In 2014 Eleonora found herself in electronic music. She has created new electronic space where every unexpected sound could come through harmonic melody. Space for new music experience without any borders. Field recordings, samples and own vocals mixed with straight beats found its place in Eleonora’s tracks. It gives a feeling of outside would mixed with made-up one as well as evokes memories, which are different for everyone.

The style of this electronic project, named simple “Eleonora” is a mix of ambient, experimental, house and trip-hop music. Nevertheless, the project seems to be quite new, Eleonora already performed her electronic sets by the famous for electronic music Berlin Festival (Arena, White Trash) in 2014 as well as by a small Italian Mirapury Festival in the same year.

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